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Understanding pro-environmental behaviour from a psychological perspective

21 Jun | Technological innovation and new infrastructure could promote more sustainable mobility, housing, and consumption. What are the psychological factors that motivate or inhibit the required behavioural change to increase adoption of these innovation and infrastructure? Read more 


International Federation of Operational Research Societies Conference

5 Jun | Dr Marco Cinelli will speak at the Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies on a structured decision support framework for the risk assessment of energy technologies. Read more 


Creating an Integrated Energy Systems Modelling Platform - An Interdisciplinary Approach

2 Jun | Dr Christian Schaffner will share how ETH Zurich is developing a platform to analyse how national and multi-national energy systems will and should evolve, using a multi-disciplinary approach. Read more 


The Relevance of Social Reference Points for Energy-Saving Behaviour

15 Jun | At this talk, Prof Renate Schubert and Jiang Zhengyi will illustrate how social reference points can influence one’s tendency towards energy-saving behaviour, drawing evidence from a field experiment conducted in Singapore. Read more 


Impact of Floods on Natural Gas Networks

7-9 June | At the upcoming Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM) Topical Conference, FRS researcher Dr Miltos Kyriakidis will present a case study on post-flood recovery dynamics of natural gas networks within the resilience context Read more 


Human performance, levels of service and system resilience

4 - 6 May | FRS researcher Dr Miltos Kyriakidis presented his research on human factors and resilience in critical infrastructure at the 32nd New Technologies an Work (NeTWork) Workshop themed 'Exploring resilience: a scientific journey from theoretical models to practical operationalisation'. Read more 


Cooling Infrastructure for the Commons to be presented at IAEE Conference

18 - 21 June | FRS researcher Dr Marcel Bruelisauer to present 'Cooling Infrastructure for the Commons: Energy-Economic Assessment of Neighbourhood-Scale Cooling System in the Tropics'' at the 40th IAEE International Conference. Read more 


Study on energy-saving behaviour to be presented at IAEE Conference

18 - 21 June | FRS research on 'The Relevance of Social Reference Points for Energy-Saving Behaviour' will be presented at the 40th IAEE International Conference themed 'Meeting the Energy Demands of Emerging Economies: Implications for Energy and Environmental Markets'. Read more 


Sloppy vs Rigid Parameter Calibration in Complex models

5 May | Model, data, and optimisation approach should be considered as ‘new complex systems. Prof Dr Didier Sornette's talk focusses on making sense of models with multiple parameters and extracting the desired ones. Read more 


Pathways to Resilience

14 -16 Jun | FRS researcher Tang Junqing to present 'Assessment of Community Resilience with Complex Network Perspective' at the upcoming conference in Cape Town. Read more 

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