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Aakil Caunhye

Postdoctoral Researcher of People and Operations in Resilient Sytems

Aakil M. Caunhye joined the ‘People and Operations in Resilient Systems’ research module as research fellow in April 2015, where he works on resilient power grid expansion planning, mainly using robust optimisation.

He received a B.E. degree and an M.S. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the National University of Singapore in 2008 and 2009, respectively and a Ph.D. degree in Systems and Engineering Management from the Nanyang Technological University in 2014. His main research interests are in optimisation under uncertainty, with applications in disaster response and power grid resilience. He also works on the development of decomposition algorithms to improve optimisation model solution times.  


Caunhye, Aakil M., and Michel-Alexandre Cardin. An Approach based on robust optimization and decision rules for analyzing real options in engineering systems design. IISE Transactions just-accepted (2017).

Xia, Tingting, Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Mehdi Ranjbar-Bourani, and Aakil M. Caunhye. A decision-making tool to design a flexible liquefied natural gas system under uncertainty. Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC).

Caunhye, Aakil M., Yidong Zhang, Mingzhe Li, and Xiaofeng Nie. A location-routing model for prepositioning and distributing emergency supplies. Transportation research part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 90 (2016): 161-176.

Caunhye, Aakil M., Mingzhe Li, and Xiaofeng Nie. A location-allocation model for casualty response planning during catastrophic radiological incidents. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 50 (2015): 32-44.

Caunhye, Aakil M., Xiaofeng Nie, and Shaligram Pokharel. Optimization models in emergency logistics: A literature review. Socio-economic planning sciences 46.1 (2012): 4-13.

Working Papers

Caunhye, Aakil M. and Xiaofeng Nie: A three-stage stochastic programming model for casualty response planning during catastrophic health events. Under 2nd round of revision in Transportation Science.

Caunhye, Aakil M. and Michel-Alexandre Cardin. Towards more resilient power grid capacity expansion: a robust optimization approach with operational flexibility. Submitted to Energy Economics.

Caunhye, Aakil M. and Michel-Alexandre Cardin. Distributionally robust engineering systems design. Working paper.

Sobrayen, Lingeshwaren, Alberto Costa, and Aakil M. Caunhye. Comparative analysis for methods of synchronous optimal pulsewidth modulation. Working paper.

Conference Presentations

Robust optimization for power grid capacity expansion, IISE Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, 2016.

A location-allocation model for casualty management during catastrophic radiological incidents, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

A Stochastic programming model for casualty response planning during catastrophic health events, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, 2012.

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