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Marcel Bruelisauer

Postdoctoral Researcher of Making Energy Demand More Sustainable and Resilient

Marcel is a postdoctoral researcher in the Module 'Making Energy Demand More Sustainable and Resilient’ at the Future Resilient Systems (FRS), responsible for the deployment of sensor networks, data collection and data analysis in behavioural experiments on energy savings. 

His research interests include data-driven design of sustainable building systems, with a focus on multi-scale systems in the tropical climate. He did his PhD at the Future Cities Laboratories (FCL) on transferring and adapting the LowEx paradigm from the moderate to the tropical climate, on finding new pathways and new concepts for increased environmental performance and better integration into architectural and urban design. 

He still leads the ongoing ‘Reclaiming Backlanes’ project at FCL, an interdisciplinary and integrated design vision that not only increases building performance but also reprogrammes common spaces in shophouse neighbourhoods.


Student Poster Competition – 4th Holcim Forum 3rd Prize Beyond Efficiency


Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
MSc. ETH Zurich

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