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Abbas Siddiqui

Postdoctoral researcher of Modelling Complex Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems

Abbas is a postdoctoral researcher with the Future Resilient Systems programme. His research focuses on interdependencies in critical infrastructures (CIs).

In real-world, critical infrastructure seldom work entirely independently, as it is affected by other influences  and relies on external resources or other infrastructures. For instance, the transportation system depends on telecommunication to exchange information and on power grid for energy provision. Because of these interdependencies, disruption of a system is not contained within, but rather, cascades to connecting infrastructures.

To test those interdependencies and to improve the resilience of infrastructures, his team is working on a distributed simulations platform. He is responsible for designing and deploying a distributed simulations framework. This framework is used as an experimental platform for testing risk and resilience of critical infrastructures. The framework uses high level architecture (HLA) for interoperability and time-synchronisation.

He got his PhD in communication system from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. He used software oriented architecture concept at the network level to achieve the flexibility. His research interests include Distributed Computing, Software Architectures, and Machine Learning.

His publications and research work can be found at research gate

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