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Tan Tsiat Siong

PhD Researcher of Making Energy Demand More Sustainable and Resilient

Tsiat Siong is a doctoral researcher at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is part of the ‘Making Energy Demand More Sustainable and Resilient’ module at the Future Resilient Systems, where he is working on the topic of purchase/investment decisions and instrument choice. He holds a Master's degree in Applied Economics from the National University of Singapore.


Tsiat Siong’s research interests are in energy economics, environmental economics and behavioural economics, and has previously undertaken various research assistant roles in these areas. His current research focuses on the life cycle cost of energy-efficient versus less energy-efficient electric appliances, and through Contingent Valuation Methods, derive consumers’ willingness to pay for energy-efficient appliances. He seeks to identify factors that shape behaviour to purchase energy-efficient appliances, aimed at increasing the adoption of cleaner technologies at the micro level.


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