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Yan Jingya

Postdoctoral Researcher of Growth and Evolution of City Infrastructure

Jingya Yan is postdoctoral researcher at the Future Resilient Systems programme at the Singapore-ETH Centre since October 2015, where she is working on the growth and evolution of city infrastructure. Her research interests are GIS, ontology engineering, cartography, and computer science.

She received her Ph.D in Geomatics from Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) of France in 2014. Her previous research focused on undersea feature characterisation and generalisation on a nautical chart, which is related to cartography, ontology, agent-based model, among others.

Currently, her research focuses on ontology-based approach for critical infrastructure interdependency. This work aims to understand and represent the flow and non-flow interdependencies of infrastructure. In addition, she also works on extraction of urban area from night-time light data and street network data, which aims to analyse the urban area growth and evolution.

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