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Zhang Xing

Postdoctoral Researcher of Human Decision Making in Risky, Dynamic, and Complex Environments

Zhang Xing is postdoctoral researcher in the 'Human Decision Making in Risky, Dynamic, and Complex Environments' research module at the Future Resilient Systems.

His research considers how people perceive risk and uncertainty, and how people respond to risk, particularly cyber attack. He conducts both empirical research to tackle the descriptive problems of how certain behaviour occurs, and theoretical research to tackle the prescriptive problems of how policymakers should respond. He seeks to develop evidence-based policy recommendations to help decision makers deal with risk in cybersecurity, environment, and health.

He received his Ph.D in 2015 in marketing at the National University of Singapore. For more details, please visit http://zhangxing.weebly.com/


Schweitzer, Maurice E., Teck-Hua Ho, and Xing Zhang. "How Monitoring Influences Trust: A Tale of Two Faces." Management Science. Forthcoming.

Yim, Onn-Siong*, Xing Zhang*, Idan Shalev, Mikhail Monakhov, Songfa Zhong, Ming Hsu, Soo Hong Chew, Poh San Lai, and Richard P. Ebstein. "Delay discounting, genetic sensitivity, and leukocyte telomere length." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, no. 10 (2016): 2780-2785. (*Co-first authorship)

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