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Leading Swiss Science & Technology in Asia
ETH is now the Leading House for SERI's Swiss Science and Technology programme in the Asia Pacific

International Conference on Infrastructure Resilience
14-16 Feb | Join the first international conference on infrastructure resilience in Zurich in 2018

IAEE International Conference
18 Jun | Prof Renate Schubert to present impact of social referencing on energy-saving behaviour.

New Publication on Sociotechnical Resilience
The convergence of 'sociotechnical' and 'resiience' published in Risk Analysis


Risk assessment of energy technologies
17-21 Jul | Dr Marco Cinelli to speak at the Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies

Cooling Infrastructure for the Commons
16 Jun | Dr Marcel Bruelisauer presents an energy-economic assessment of cooling systems at the IAEE Conference.

Understanding pro-environmental behaviour
21 Jun | What motivates behavioural change to increase adoption of sustainable innovation?

Pathways to Resilience
14 - 16 Jun | Tang Junqing to present on community resilience at the Pathways to Resilience conference in Cape Town.

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