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Kevin Xiao Gaoxi

Principal Investigator

Gaoxi Xiao is associate professor in the Division of Communication Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU. His research interests include complex systems and complex networks, telecommunication networks, and security and privacy. His research topics have included epidemic spreading and control in the internet and human society, robustness of complex systems and early-stage critical event detection and reactions, etc.

Currently, he is working on complex system crash and system controllability and minimum-cost control. The work is mainly to understand how some extra-large complex systems may suddenly crash, the worst-case system behaviours, and the feasibility of keeping the system within a safe zone with minimum energy consumption.

Dr Xiao is the founding general chair of the complex system conference series (Complex’09 ’12) organised by European Alliance of Innovation (EAI), and the founding editor-in-chief of the EAI Endorsed Transactions on Complex Systems. Dr. Xiao regularly publishes in top engineering journals and physics journals.

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Associate professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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